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Dec 30, 2012 10:00pm EST
someone has been shoved to their death in fronn of a moving train in new york city. thousands of people gathered in new york toody to remember a faalen fire. firefighter. flag-draped casket carryiig theebody of volunteer lieutenant michaal chiapperinii he is one of two first responders gunned down by áwilliaa fire tt lure fire crews intooa deadly ammushhoo christmas evv. injured tww other firefighters beforeekilliig himself. &p the funeral or the 2-n firefighter is set for tomorrow. p president obama appeared on "meet the press" this morning... speakiig about a lot of issues he hopes to packle in his 2-nd president obama says he's going to put forwardda contrrl, in response to the sandy hook school shhoting. he called the massacre the worst day of his presidency. but ultimately, the way this is going to happen is because tte american people say -- thaa's right. we are willing to make differrnt choices for the country and we support those in congress who are willing to ake those actions. the president recentll created a task force to come to reduce gun violence in the country
Dec 28, 2012 10:00pm EST
... 3&p another new york latest case oo someone pushingg speeding train. 3 3 & 3 just foor days away. the congressiinal eeders for n oval offfce meeting this - afternooo. if they can't reach a deal by january first all of our taxes are going up anddtheecountry will face ddvastating spending cuts. - mike emanueelexplains which factions will have tt compromise for the good of the country. country. 3 house republicans say they've alrrady acted - votiigg to eetend all of he bush tax & cuts, and ppssinggan alternattveeto the sequester - and domesttc programs starting in the new year. so they've shifted the focus to the need for maaority eader -3hhrry reid and senate democrats to do something. &p lankford says: "the way the 3 now - not evee bringing bills through committee - is incredibly frustrating to those of us in the house 3 has to be done ii theesenate wants a rsolution, senate - actually has to pass something on this we hhve ddne our ork in the house. the enate has to respond." te challenge is determining what will pass the republican led phuse, and the democrat pontrolled senate. f
Dec 23, 2012 10:00pm EST
against the new york giants. 3 "we have the best fans here ii -3 the nfl look at it here itssgreat." great." the ravens gave many fans a early christmaa gift beating the giants 33 tt 14they take thee a-f-- north and now plan to take down the bengals in cincinnatt nnxt sunday. 3 3 the ravens haat their osing - streak in a big way...find out how many yyrds they put up bowl champp...coming up in sports unlimmted... 3 its beennmore than a week since the sandy hook massacre...but tte iiea of practicing raadom kindness seems to be catching on. 3 the idea for "22 accs of kindnesss came from n-b-c news correspondent ann purry. she tweeeed that she wanted to perform an 3 each of the 26 victtms. within days the hastag & "26 acts" was trending. p and at a minnesota coffee shop a customers kindness caught on quuckly. 3 we're like, well waitt you pant to get the next $200 f purchases? we're like, that's a lot of money, you knnw. 3 and then peoppe started - throwing their own moneyyin, too." too." a denver woman collected 13-hundred doolars to pay offflayaway items at a k-mart. and a tampa bay man aid t
Dec 18, 2012 10:00pm EST
..hh says if you gotta blameesomeone,blame im... 3 &p the defending super bowl kk on - champs, new york giants on sunday right here on fox 45... the purple aad black will clinch thh ivision with a win...remember, the start time ravees only on fox 45...3 what if i told you theeravens could llse this sunnay and still wrap up the afc nortt? we'll goothru the ssenerios, coming up at 11:30aa sports pnlimited continuee.. 3 pnsttgram.... makes an instant . a day after the phhto sharing social network raised big ppivacy concerns.... it's panicked when the company err aanounced it would begiin sellinggyyur pics to advertisers beginning january 16th.....and there was no way to ""pt out".instagram noo says..... it's heard loud and clear from users......nn they payy it's not ur intention to to sell your's unclear wwat the new policy áwillá be. be.but you can read the blog post from instagram on our pebsste, do your glasses cooe out off the dishwasher withha filmy detergent additives for re dishhashees that promise to to find out whether they really can delivee crystal clear r
Dec 17, 2012 10:00pm EST
on the defending super bowl champs,,new york ggaats on pundaa right here on fox 45... the purple and black will clinch the division with aa win...remember, the starr time hhs been moved frrm onee & o'clock to 4-25...giants and &pravens only on fox 45... 3&joe flaaco sayy it ffels like they're a team in the al easttjust ggo a -&pcy young awwrd winner...coming -33 up at 11-33 on the late edition... & 3 3 looking for a speccil gift? cashhere sweaters are heaviiy but do you have to pend hundreds to get good qualitt? as patrice saaders explaans... conssmer reports shopsmart says not necessarily. & 3 ((pat on cam))when it comes to shopping foora sweaaer... one typp stands head and shoulders you wann to be warm, ear & cashmeee." (mos #2)"it's so soot. it feels so comfortable." -33&p(v/o)consumer reports shopsmart's sue perry checkkd out dozens of cashmere & sweaters at a variety of prrce points.(sot)"if you're pickingg uu a $59..9 cashmere sweeter &pfrom the bargain bin, you better believe that it's probably not ooe undred percent cashmere even though the label may say so."
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5